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 +mount -oremount,​rw /
 +/​mnt/​storage/​switch_output -l 0
 +cd /​mnt/​storage/​fceux
 +and after all doesnt work well at all :( --newppu 1 is hella slow and --newppu 0 has corrupted pixels
 +==== FCE Ultra 0.98.13 ====
 +On a whim I decided to try an earlier FCEU (the predecesssor) with more success! Compile went pretty much cleanly.
 +Run it with **-xscale 1 -yscale 1 -sound 0** after killing chumbhowld and chumbradiod we got good performance with **-skipframe 1**
 +Will see if its worth trying other versions - the later v's might add less-useful stuff
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