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-====== Whatsit? ====== 
-All of a sudden, I have a strong need to make a couple of '​Temperature Controllers'​! 
-===== Sous Viduino ===== 
-Oh yes I stuck the "​duino"​ on the end there. [[http://​​photos/​pmtorrone/​tags/​food/​|Adabot really like to cook and eat food]], and as a scientist/​foodie is really excited about making Sous Vide. As such, he has charged me with the task of making a rockin'​ Open Source Sous Vide controller - posting up all the schematics, instructions,​ software, science, engineering,​ and math on how we designed the ultimate in geekfoodtronix. 
-===== Dehydrator ===== 
-Dehydruino? Hmm, doesn'​t sound as good as "Sous Viduino"​. Adabot **also** wants a dehydrator controller that is Awesome so he can make a big dehydrator. Something about kale. 
-===== Espresso / French Press Coffee ​ ===== 
-We like to drink coffee and tea. Would we like it MORE if it was brewed at precision temperatures???​ 
-===== PCB reflow ===== 
-Yum! Make perfectly toasted PCBs (This is what I want the controller control my hotplate!) 
-====== Parts of the puzzle ====== 
-This project is made of a few different parts that fit together to make a Whole 
-  * [[tempcontroller:​feedback|Whyfor feedback]]? 
-  * The controller brains! 
-  * [[tempcontroller:​sensor|The temperature sensor]]! 
-  * The outputs & switches! 
-  * The display and user interface! 
-  * The final put-together! 
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