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 {{  http://​​images/​ybox2/​propcableremoved.jpg?​500 ​ |http://​​images/​ybox2/​propcableremoved.jpg}} {{  http://​​images/​ybox2/​propcableremoved.jpg?​500 ​ |http://​​images/​ybox2/​propcableremoved.jpg}}
-Repeat for all the wires+Repeat for all the wires
 +You'll want to cut away a few inches of the black cable sheathing so you have plenty of '​space'​ to work with the wires. Cut **down** the sheathing without cutting the colored wires, use a fine scissors. Cut 1 or 2" away. 
 +Now grab the 2x8 cable connector you bought from Digikey or whatever. ​ You'll need to insert the wires so that they snap into the connector to match the following diagram. **Do not insert the red or green wires yet!!!** Insert just the orange and yellow wires. Look at the photos below to make sure you have the wires in the right order, they should just snap in. If they don't snap make sure the little lock-tab is facing '​out'​ 
 +This diagram assumes you're looking at the connector from the end that goes into the machine. Again, check with the photos many times to be sure you get this right! 
 +{{  :​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​connbott-adafruit-kmt.png ​ |}} 
 +{{  :​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​conntop-adafruit-kmt.png ​ |}} 
 +Pin 1 is black, pin 2 will be red, pin 3 will be green, pin 6 is orange, and pin 7 is yellow. 
 +Next is the one tough part, you'll want to cut the green wire as close to the black sheathing. Then cut the red wire about in the middle and solder both green and red wires to the red wire so that you have two wire connections. See the following image:
 {{  :​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​cablesplice_t.jpg ​ |:​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​cablesplice.jpg}} {{  :​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​cablesplice_t.jpg ​ |:​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​cablesplice.jpg}}
 +Wrap it up in electrical tape
 {{  :​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​cablewrapped_t.jpg ​ |:​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​cablewrapped.jpg}} {{  :​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​cablewrapped_t.jpg ​ |:​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​cablewrapped.jpg}}
Line 77: Line 93:
 {{  :​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​cabledone_t.jpg ​ |:​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​cabledone.jpg}} {{  :​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​cabledone_t.jpg ​ |:​tutorials:​knittingmachine:​cabledone.jpg}}
 +**TODO**: We're pretty sure its possible to make this part less difficult by using the RTS (green) wire without splicing it to the 5V (red) wire and using setRTS() in the python code but we already mangled the cable before trying this.
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