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 +===== CV Protection =====
 +CV protection is something you have to be aware of when doing CV related mods.  If your CV device outputs too high a voltage, or even a negative voltage, then the out-of-bounds input might just hose your x0xb0x.
 +Here are a few ideas on how to deal with the problem.
 +==== Protection from Negative CV ====
 +VerifyMe: Just connect the cathode of a [[diode]] between the CV in and the rest of your circuit. ​ This should shunt any negative voltage to ground before affecting the rest of your ciruit.
 +  CV In o-----+-----O Circuit
 +              |
 +              -
 +              ^  Diode
 +              |
 +             --- GND
 +==== Protection from Extreme Positive CV ====
 +VerifyMe: Use a ZenirDiode, set up like the above, but instead of shunting it to ground. ​ See http://​​analogsynth/​SOUNDLABMINISYNTH/​SoundLabMods.html#​PROTECTCVINPUTS for more information
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