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 +===== Headphone and Mixer Mods =====
 +==== Kill Switch on Headphone Amplifier ====
 +The original [[TB-303]] had a kill switch hooked up to the LA 4140 (Headphone Amplifier), which makes sense, because the LA44140 is the only draw of the +6Volt power.
 +==== Modify Headphone Amplifier to Distortion Circuit ====
 +This is entirely theoretical,​ but you might be able to change the circuit so that the LA 4140 can be used as a Distortion, and/or EQ circuit. ​
 +You'll need the [[http://​​datasheet-pdf/​view/​40062/​SANYO/​LA4140.html|Datasheet]] If you are going to get far with it.
 +==== ====
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