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 +The [[TB-303]] generally used the 2SA733ap, which is a transistor with a gain of about 300-350. ​ Unfortunately the 2SA733ap is no longer being manufactured,​ so LadyAda used the 2SA733p, which for the most part is a drop in replacement. ​ However, in applications where the transistor gain is important, like shaping the Square in the VoltageControlledOscillator,​ or converting the voltage to current for the VoltageControlledFilter the gain is very important.
 +The 2SA733p has a transistor gain of about 270-310, so if you perform a TransistorBetaTest on your 2SA733p transistors,​ then you can have a much closer clone. ​ Some x0xb0xers have found that buying a batch of 100 or so from Mouser can yield some good transistors. ​ Of corse, pretty soon we will all be swimming in batches of 97 733s, so we should figure out just WhatTheHellToDoWithTheOtherTransistors. ​ Another option is to try and find 2SA733ap transistors in older VCRs. 
 +There is also a 2SA733k that is available, that has a gain from 300-600 (!).  Lots of people have them on order, but no results are in of their testing. ​
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