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 +===== IO Board =====
 +{{template>​.templates:​schema|section=Midi,​ Sync and USB|inputs=MicroProcessor,​ HeadphoneAndMixer |outputs=MicroProcessor}}
 +Most of it is pretty simple. ​ A block diagram would be redundant, as it would show inputs leading to outputs, with exception to the USB, where it goes through the USB chip first.
 +==== Mix In/Out and Gate/CV Out ====
 +These are pretty simple. ​ Mix In and Out both me through J7 and are connected directly to their respective jacks. ​ CV and gate come thorugh J6, and again, are connected directly to their respective jacks.
 +==== Din Sync ====
 +DinSync is a single sync connector which doubles as a Sync In and Sync Out.  Someone needs to dig into the FirmWare and figure out just which sync lines are in and out.
 +==== Midi In, Out, Thru ====
 +Midi Out send 5V on pin 4 of the jack.  The midi data comes straight from the MicroProcessor and then through a 220 Ohm resistor to pin 5.
 +Midi In is properly opto-isolated. ​ The Midi signal comes in through the jack, and then goes through a LED in the optoisolator,​ which activates the base of the PhotoTransistor,​ allowing current to flow from the collector to the emitter. ​ From the emitter, it enters the base of Q50, Which shorts thhe connection of the +5 Volts to ground. ​ This midi signal is split, one is sent through a 220 Ohm resistor and them the Midi Thru, and the other to the MicroProcessor.
 +==== USB ====
 +A majority of the circuitry here is straight from the datasheet, which is available here: http://​​~ladyada/​techproj/​USB232/​ft232_DS.pdf
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