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 +===== Pattern Play Mode =====
 +==== Initialization ====
 +(fill in here)
 +==== Pattern Play Loop ====
 +The pattern play loop looks like this:
 +  - Read any input from the switches
 +  - If the function has changed, stop and exit
 +  - If we are in master sync mode, handle tap tempo
 +  - Start a new chain if the chain key was just pressed
 +  - Finalize chain mode once chain is released
 +  - Display Somthing...
 +    - If we are in the middle of chain mode, then display the current chain and add patterns/​tracks **OR**
 +    -If up/down is pressed handle pitch shift **OR**
 +    -Display the current data
 +  - Or Handle Playback
 +    - If the pitch shift keys are released, stop blinking the leds
 +    - If they changed the pattern/​track build a chain one pattern long to the new pattern/​track
 +    - Display the current (and next if applicable) track
 +  - If we are playing and have midi or din sync handle the sync through clock ticks and play the note with [[do_tempo]]
 +  - if we get a Midi Song Select message, set it to the current pattern/​track
 +  - if we get a stop message (midi, dyn, r/s) then stop
 +  - if we get a go message then start playing
 +  - toggle slide if slide button pressed
 +  - toggle accent if accent button pressed
 +  - toggle rest if rest button pressed
 +<note classic> CodeRefactoring: ​ This function seems rather smelly (large method, lots of complex conditionals). ​ From a maintainability and readability standpoint it would be nice to do the "​Replace conditional with function"​ and "​Decompose Function"​ on this monster function to turn it into a bunch of small pieces. </​note>​
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