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replacement/substitute parts

For replacement/substitute parts, see this forum topic

Here's some results distilled down for ya...

LadyAda ships with these replacements, with no noticeable sound differences

  • 733p instead of 733ap
  • BA6110 instead of BA662a

SubAtomic has done some analysis of these, and has found BA6110 to be only slightly different, yet perfectly acceptable (perhaps even more desireable: it produces the exact sound only a little louder, which can be a useful thing to slightly overdrive the mixer output for a little distortion)..

  • high beta 733p and low beta 733k instead of 733ap (analysis)
  • BA6110 instead of BA662a (analysis)

MomeRath reports that replacing these causes no sound difference:

  • Using NTE44 instead of 2SC2291
  • Using 2SC945P for 2SC536F

Unverified (these may or may not sound the same, please do testing and post results!)

  • J201 for the 2SK30A
  • lm13700 for the ba6110

If you find other substitutions that still maintain the original sound, please post your results in the above format…

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