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 +===== The TB-303 =====
 +//It's just a shitty monosynth.//​
 +The TB-303 is an analog monosynth released by Roland in the early '​80s. ​ It was originally made to emulate a bass player. ​ A guitarist would purchase the TB-303 along with the TR-606 (a drum machine), and (so the theory goes) they would not need a band for any practice. As it turns out, it was particularly bad at emulating a bass player.
 +In the late 80's a techno track came out called "Acid Tracks"​ by Phuture. ​ It was the first AcidHouse track to be made.  Since that track, the Acid Explosion happened, and everybody wanted a TB-303. ​ It is very difficult to emulate the sound of the TB-303, because of the way the slide and TheAccent work.
 +The x0xb0x is almost a complete replication of the TB-303s analog synth, and only diverges with respect to the PowerSupply and the DigitalSequencer. ​ For more information on the x0xb0x and the TB-303, see [[Tb303x0xb0xDifferences]].
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