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 +===== Using the Synthesizer =====
 +Generally using the synthesizer isn't that difficult. ​ It is just a shitty little monosynth after all... or so you might think! ​ The [[TB-303]] and by extension, the x0xb0x, have some interesting little quirks that affect what kind of sound that you can get out of it.
 +==== Using the VCO ====
 +The VCO is primarily controlled via the sequencer. ​ Howver, you can perform a [[vcomods#​cv_in]] modification for external control. ​ The 2 controls of the VCO are the note, and the slide from the sequencer, The Tune knob, and the Tune and Width trim pots inside.
 +=== Adjusting the Tuning ===
 +You can use the Tune knob to adjust the tuning of your x0xb0x. ​ Be aware that this will only adjust the tuning of the internal VCO, it will not have any affect on the CV output.  ​
 +You can also further adjust the tuning of your x0xb0x by opening it up, and ajusting the trim potentiometers TM4 and TM5.  TM4 is the fine-tuning of the oscillator, and TM5 is the '​width',​ which determines the octave width for the oscillator. ​ For more information on calibrating your vco, see VcoTesting.
 +=== Notes, Rests and Slides ===
 +==== Using the VCF and Envelope ====
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