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 +==== Pointers ====
 +{{template>​.templates:​fabinfo|difficulty=7.5|t=0.132|h=0.272|p=0.393|components=66|resistors=30|capacitors=10 Electrolytic,​ 6 Polyester|diodes=1|transistors=15|ics=0|other=3 Pots, 1 Trim Pot}}
 +Make sure you don't get the five pin transistors confused when building this section. ​ There is one 2SC2291, and two 2SC1583 transistors. ​   Also, the picture of the completed VCA on the main fabrication page is wrong, C23 is backwards.  ​
 +As with the previous section, solder in all components except the potentiometers,​ and then solder in the pots.
 +==== Additions ====
 +You might want to mount Q9 and Q10 on Sip Sockets so you can replace the transistors with higher gain transistors at a later date.  See  [[VcfMods#​higher_beta_transistors_on_q9_and_q10]]
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