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Hi there!

This is my website, I started it as a 1st year grad student in college, when my advisor required all of the students to have a webpage with their work. It used to live at and there is still an incomplete mirror there. It doesn't work, though and I only recommend it if is down (which should not be happening much anymore).

Most of the stuff on this site is related to the electronic toys, gadgets and art that I've worked on since 2003.

The site is ad-free, and nearly all content is available 'open source' under the Creative Commons license. If you want to duplicate some of the content, and you're not sure if you are following the license, contact me. and myself are wholey supported by Adafruit Industries (, the sister site which sells kits and circuit boards for projects documented here.

The best way to contact me is to post a message in the forums..
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@12/07 - This site gets about 3000 unique visitors a day, serving up about 20G of traffic per day (on avg).

Most of that is the forums and other php/javascript backend stuff that you barely see.


Hosting is provided by ServInt. These people do not mess around!

April 27, 2012 11:17