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 Overall Experience with Manncorp Overall Experience with Manncorp
 +Manncorp has been great in getting us replacement parts for anything that breaks. ​ They have also been very helpful when it comes to tricky software issues. ​ Things like calibrations,​ trained images, feeder issues, have all been easy to work through with their help.  Their customer service is great, we have had to order in a few extra parts for our newer machine and they respond very quickly. ​ They are also good about fixing faulty pieces of equipment. ​ Just recently we noticed that 5 of our 8mm feeders were not working correctly and we were able to return them to Manncorp for proper installation of a replacement part. 
 +All in all, our machines are great, run perfectly with proper maintenance and operation, and Manncorp provides all the necessary assistance and expertise to keep things running smoothly.
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