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Backing up patterns/dumping memory from kh930e to computer

Start up the disk drive emulator in the command line by typing in python img COMPORT where COMPORT is your serial connection. For example on a mac the command might be python img /dev/tty.usbserial-A7TKMHYD this will make an 'image' of the knitting memory in a directory called img

Now on your machine…

  • When "ready" lamp is lit, clear display with CE key, then prepare to save pattern data to "disk" by typing 552, then STEP.
  • Display will go blank and then "ready" and "pattern no" lamps will light up with the "track" number 1 in the display. Press STEP.
  • Machine will beep when finished, and the track data will now be in the img folder along with your emulator and other scripts.
  • The emulator also makes a handy file-01.dat file to make it easy to preview the patterns using

We'll need that file-01.dat file, so make a backup of it somewhere else for safekeeping! That file contains all your patterns.

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