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The Java Bootloader

The Java-based Atmal bootloader software is JAvrProg, written by LadyAda. Once set up, it's very slick. Unfortunately, Java doesn't know how to work with serial ports out of the box, so you'll need to set it up first…

Making the Bootloader Work

This isn't the easiest process in the world to do, but if you are careful, you can make it go

(WorkOnMe: need to finish off these instructions)

Finally Running It

Assuming you've finally got Java IO working with your serial ports, you can finally run the bootloader.

  1. Double click the file JAvrProg.jar, or from the commandline run java -jar JAvrProg.jar
  2. Select the ATmega162 for Device type.
  3. Browse to the location of your new firmware image, eg. x0xb0x-1_03.hex
  4. Hit Program and hold your breath while the progress bar runs.


If you're lucky enough to have firmware 1.03 installed already (Runs 2 and up), you can use c0ntr0l as a bootloader instead of JAvrProg. (FixMe is this still buggy and dangerous?)

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