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Download Software, firmware & hardware

On this page you'll find all the firmware and software you need to use Atmex as well as hardware schematics for making your own atmex


This is the collection of schematics and board layouts for the Atmex boards, you can view/edit the sch/brd files using Eagle 4.1 or higher, which is a free schematic & PCB editor for windows and linux. The gerber files are ready for manufacture, you can send them to any PCB maker.
This is the bootloader firmware that must be initially progammed onto the microcontroller. The correct fuses must be burnt at the same time in order for the files to work. See the Fabrication section for the list of fuses. You can always change the FREQ constant in the assembly file to match whatever oscillator your heart desires
  • Firmware v1.0 files for internal 4MHz oscillator
  • Firmware v1.0 files for internal 8MHz oscillator (this is the suggested version)
  • Firmware v1.0 files for external 16MHz oscillator (you'll need to solder in an oscillator, not suggested)

Here is also some example assembly code you can use as practice or reference. They are for an 8MHz oscillator, but can easily be reassembled for different frequencies.

  • Test 1: Blinking the LED
  • Test 2: Sending out characters on the serial port
This is the Java HEX uploader that works with Atmex. Once the bootload firmware has been installed, you can use this to upload new programs to your Atmex. You'll need to install the latest Java distribution (J2SE JRE) for your platform and the JavaComm API (there are ports for other OS's including BSDs and Linux)