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This page contains driver information, almost all OS's you are likely to encounter support this chip.

USB Drivers

The worst part about USB is that custom drivers have to be written. The good news is that the FT232BM is popular enough that most current OS's support it either out-of the box or with these drivers
  • Win2K/XP/ME/98
    • I found that Windows Update knew about the chip when I plugged it in, you can also download drivers from FTDI. When plugged in, a new COM port appears under the hardware manager, which can be configured.
  • MacOS 8/9/X
    • I haven't used this with a Mac but the drivers are available from FTDI if they aren't preinstalled
  • Linux
    • I tested this with a RedHat7 machine. Under >2.4.0 kernels, the driver is already built-in, and creates a new serial port under /dev. You can read more about it at the driver page.
  • Other
    • WinCE, OpenBSD and FreeBSD are theoretically supported, read more and check on new drivers at the FTDI driver page