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Bill of Materials

A "bill of materials", often abbreviated to BOM, is what it says: it is a list of materials, in this case it is the list of all components and parts in the kit.

You can download a PDF version of the x0xb0x BOM here: x0xb0x_bom.pdf

Expanded Bill of Materials

Thanks to control voltage for putting this together.

Description Qty Part Number DistributorPart Locations:
ABS Case 1 Pactec PT-10 Mouser, PacTeckind of obvious
Set of main and I/O panels 1 Custom attached to the case
Set of main and I/O PCBs 1 Custom inside the case
9VAC 300-500mA wall wart 1 Generic Jamecoplugged in
15/32" x 1/4" x 4-40 standoff 3 Generic McMastermounted to main PCB
3/8" x 1/4" x 4-40 standoff 4 Generic McMastermounted to main PCB
4-40 lock washer 7 Generic McMaster
4-40 washer 4 Generic McMaster
4-40 x 1/4" hex button 7 McMaster
4-40 x 1/4" phillips button 7 McMaster
4-40 x 1/4" phillips cheesehead (i swear its called that) 4 Comes with case
Rubber feet 4 Comes with case bottom of case
Switch cap (white) 8 401-1155 Digikey
Switch cap (black) 15 401-1152 Digikey
Potentiometer knob 8 450-4760 Mouser
Switch knob 2 5164-1510 Mouser
Heat sink (TO-220) 1 532-574502b00 Mousermount to IC20
40-pin DIP socket 1 571-3902625 MouserIC3* (socket into PCB, IC into socket)
8-pin DIP socket 1 571-3902612 MouserIC2* (ditto above)
1/4" stereo jack 3 568-nys216 MouserMIXOUT, MIXIN, HEADPHONE
1/8" jack 2 cp-3536n DigikeyCV, GATE
2.1mm power jack 1 cp-202a DigikeyPOWER
USB type-B jack 1 154-2442 MouserUSB
MIDI/DINSYNC jack 4 cp-2350 DigikeyDIN1-DIN4
Toggle switch 1 633-b12ab MouserS1
Rotary encoder 1 ct3011 DigikeyS2
16 position rotary switch 2 gh3074 DigikeyS3, S4
Tact switch 23 eg1821 DigikeyS5-S27
Solid ~20-gauge wire. (Supply this yourself) 1 Generic used to anchor S3, S4
jumper ribbon cableFixMe 6 wire OR 9 wire and 6 wire 4 OR 2 x 9c and 1x 6c WM09-06, WM06-06, WM03-06 DigikeyJ1-J4
0.22" LED standoff 40 593-STD240B MouserLED1*-LED40* (mounted onto LEDs)
Red 5mm LED 40 Generic LED1-LED40
1N4001 4 Generic D40-D43 (PowerSupply)
1N4148 29 Generic D1-D10(Sequencer); D24(VCF); D25, D30, D31(VCO); D27, D35, D36(VCA); D26, D28, D29, D34, D37(Envelope); D32, D33(Mixer); D44-D47(PowerSupply); D48(IOBoard);
10 ohm 5% resistor 2 Generic R186, R164 (IOBoard)
22 ohm 5% resistor 2 Generic R20 (IOBoard); R150 (Envelope)
27 ohm 5% resistor 2 Generic R6, R7 (IOBoard)
100 ohm 5% resistor 7 Generic R1(PowerSupply); R16(IOBoard); R95(VCF); R130, R132(VCA); R136(Mixer); R152(Envelope)
220 ohm 5% resistor 5 Generic R13-R15, R18, R19 (IOBoard)
470 ohm 5% resistor 1 Generic R12 (IOBoard)
1K 5% resistor 4 Generic R2 (PowerSupply); R17(IOBoard); R137(Envelope); R161(Mixer)
1.5K 5% resistor 1 Generic R8 (IOBoard)
1.8K 5% resistor 1 Generic R179 (PowerSupply)
2.2K 5% resistor 19 Generic R21-R24(IOBoard); R67, R68, R69, R70, R71, R98, R108, R124, R125, R126(VCF); R104, R107(VCO); R133, R162(VCA); R178(PowerSupply)
4.7K 5% resistor 2 Generic R9(IOBoard); R135(Mixer)
6.8K 5% resistor 1 Generic R3 (PowerSupply)
10K 5% resistor 94 Generic R10, R11(IOBoard); R34, R36, R105, R101(VCO); R47, R61, R64, R65, R94, R96, R97, R109, R112, R115, R116(VCF); R142, R143, R144, R145, R148, R149(Envelope); R201-R234, R237-R270 (Sequencer)
22K 5% resistor 10 Generic R45, R60(VCO); R110, R111(VCF); R117, R146, R151(Envelope); R120, R129, R134(VCA)
33K 5% resistor 1 Generic R159 (Mixer)
47K 5% resistor 4 Generic R46(VCF); R155(Mixer); R119, R127(VCA)
68K 5% resistor 1 Generic R138 (Envelope)
100K 5% resistor 24 Generic R25-R28(IOBoard); R35, R93, R92, R59, R102, R118(VCO); R66, R72, R73, R99, R113, R114(VCF); R139, R140, R141(Envelope); R122(VCA); R153, R154, R156, R165(Mixer)
220K 5% resistor 8 Generic R62, R63(VCF); R103(VCO); R121, R128, R131(VCA); R235, R236(Sequencer)
1MEG 5% resistor 2 Generic R91(VCO); R200(Sequencer)
1.5MEG 5% resistor 1 Generic R123 (VCA)
2.4K 1% resistor (red yellow black brown brown) 1 Generic R5 (PowerSupply)
5.6K 1% resistor (green blue black brown brown) 1 Generic R4 (PowerSupply)
24K 1% resistor (red yellow black red brown) 1 Generic R106 (VCO)
200K 1% resistor 17 Generic R74-R90 (VCO)
2K (202) trim potentiometer 1 306uc202b DigikeyTM6 (PowerSupply)
5K (502) trim potentiometer 1 306uc502b DigikeyTM5 (VCO)
50K (503) trim potentiometer 1 306uc503b DigikeyTM4 (VCO)
500K (504) trim potentiometer 1 306uc504b DigikeyTM3 (VCF)
50K D (log) potentiometer 3 p3l2503 DigikeyVR3, VR5(VCF); VR8(Mixer)
50K B (linear) potentiometer 2 p3k1503 DigikeyVR2 (VCO); VR7(VCA)
50K B (linear) dual potentiometer 1 317-2202-50k MouserVR4 (VCF)
1Meg A (log) dual potentiometer 1 317-2102-1M MouserVR6 (Envelope)
1K PTC Thermistor 2 /732278 Newark/FarnellR100A, R100B (VCO)
.001uF (2A102K) capacitor 3 140-pm2a102k MouserC34(VCO); C100, C101(Sequencer)
.0068uF (2A682K) capacitor 1 140-pf2a682k MouserC47 (Mixer)
.01uF (2A103K) capacitor 5 140-pm2a103k MouserC33, C10(VCO); C21, C20(VCA); C46(Mixer)
.018uF (2A183K) polyester capacitor 1 140-pf2a183k MouserC18 (VCF)
.033uF (2A333K) polyester capacitor 5 140-pm2a333k MouserC19, C24, C26(VCF); C36(VCA); C201(IOBoard)
.047uF (2A473K) capacitor 1 140-pm2a473k MouserC54 (Envelope)
.068uF (2A683K) capacitor 1 140-pf2a683k MouserC45 (Mixer)
.1uF (2A104K) capacitor 3 140-pm2a104k MouserC25, C27(VCF); C41(VCA)
.1uF (104) ceramic 16 581-sr205e104m MouserC1, C2, C4, C6(PowerSupply); C202, C204(IOBoard); C103, C104, C106-C113 (Sequencer)
.22uF (2A224K) polyester capacitor 1 140-pm2a224k MouserC35 (VCO)
1uF electrolytic capacitor 13 140-xrl50v1.0 MouserC11(VCO); C13, C14, C15, C17, C22, C23, C29(VCF); C38(VCA); C58, C59, C56(Mixer); C105(Sequencer)
1uF (105) tantalum capacitor 2 399-1429 DigikeyC62(Envelope); C42(VCA)
2.2uF electolytic capacitor 1 140-xrl50v2.2 MouserC51 (Mixer)
10uF electrolytic capacitor 13 140-xrl16v10 MouserC60, C61(PowerSupply); C31, C32(VCO); C16, C30(VCF); C72(Envelope); C37, C40(VCA); C50, C52(Mixer); C203, C205 (IOBoard)
47uF electrolytic capacitor 4 140-xrl16v47 MouserC28(VCF); C55(Envelope); C44, C53(Mixer)
100uF 10V electrolytic capacitor 3 140-xrl25v100 MouserC48, C49(Mixer); C102(Sequencer)
100uF 25V electrolytic capacitor 2 140-xrl10v100 MouserC7, C8 (PowerSupply)
1000uF electrolytic capacitor 1 140-xrl10v1000 MouserC43 (Mixer)
2200uF electolytic capacitor 2 140-xrl16v2200 MouserC3, C5 (PowerSupply)
4066 analog switch 1 Generic IC12 (VCO)
74AC174 1 Generic IC9 (VCO)
74HC126 1 Generic IC1 (Sequencer) incorrect in fab as 74ac129
74AC165 3 Generic IC16-IC18 (Sequencer)
74HC595 5 Generic IC4-IC8 (Sequencer) incorrect in fab as 74ac595
2SA733P, TO-92 PNP transistor 10 2SA733P MouserQ8, Q27(VCO); Q9, Q10(VCF); Q36, Q38(Envelope); Q1*, Q2*, Q31(VCA); Q33(mixer)
2SC536F, TO-92 NPN transistor 24 Rare Q29, Q30, Q25, Q24(VCO); Q11, Q13, Q14, Q15, Q16, Q17, Q18, Q19, Q20, Q23(VCF); Q35, Q37, Q40, Q41(Envelope); Q3*, Q4*, Q32(VCA); Q34(Mixer); Q50(IOBoard); Q5(Sequencer)
2SK30 JFET 2 RareSome kits have a 2SK30AY and a 2SK30AO, see the instructions for which one to put where.
AN6562 8-DIP dual Op-Amp 2 Rare IC23 (PowerSupply); IC11 (VCO)
2SC2291 5-SIP matched pair with common base 1 Rare Q22 (VCF)
2SC1583 5-SIP matched pair with common emitter 3 Rare Q12, Q21(VCF); Q26(VCO)
LA4140 9-SIP 1 Rare IC14 (Mixer)
BA6110 9-SIP 1 Rare IC15B* (VCA)
BA662A 9-SIP (optional) Extremely rare IC15A* (VCA) - highly unlikely
ATmega162 microcontroller 1 Atmega162-40PI Digikey (for programmed version, Adafruit)IC3 (Sequencer)
25C33 EEPROM 1 cat25c33p MouserIC2 (Sequencer)
7805 voltage regulator (TO-220) 1 512-mc78m05ct MouserIC20 (PowerSupply)
7806 voltage regulator (TO-92) 1 513-Njm78l06a MouserIC21 (PowerSupply)
LM336Z-5.0 5V voltage reference (TO-92) 1 lm336z-5.0 DigikeyIC22 (PowerSupply)
4N37 optoisolator 1 512-4n37 MouserIC24 (IOBoard)
FT232 USB chip 1 FT232BM MouserIC25 (IOBoard)
6MHz ceramic resonator 1 815-awcr-6.00md MouserXTL2 (IOBoard)
16MHz ceramic resonator 1 815-awcr-16.00md MouserXTAL1 (Sequencer)
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