MiniPOV v2 An Inexpensive Persistance of Vision


This project is a second revision of the MiniPOV. This version changes from the PIC 16F630 chip to the Atmel ATtiny2313, which is a little more expensive but has many improved features. For one, by properly wiring it to a parallel port, one does not need a special "microcontroller programmer". Secondly, a free C compiler (avr-gcc) is available, which makes writing and reading code much much easier.

Therefore, I intend this project to be an ideal starting place for anyone who would like to:

  1. learn how to solder
  2. learn how to assemble simple kits
  3. learn how to program microcontrollers
  4. make blinky stuff

Kits are available which provide all the components necessary to build & get going.

For Serial Port version, check out MiniPOV3

Corrections, suggestions, pictures, are it in the forum!

What is a POV toy good for, anyhow?

Tons of stuff! You can:

May 17, 2011 20:07