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Pipe-dream Bed
Summer, 2002

A bed made from iron pipe. The design is simple yet sturdy. Not too pricy, simple to make, easy to adjust/disassemble, this bed gives any room an industrial feel.

More information on design and construction is available on Instructables.

80/20 Landsailer
Winter 2002

One of my first large toys, this was my project for Saul's 80/20 bike-building class. It took a lot of time (and help from both Saul & Tim) but it went to BM '02 and the beach a few times. Because it used extruded/slotted aluminium struts, it could be disassembled into fairly small pieces and stored easily.

Unfortunatly, totally useless to own while living in the city. What was I thinking?

May 17, 2011 20:07