Portfolio 2005
Sonic Fabric reader
Winter 2005
(image soon)

A prototype handheld 'pen' with a tape head on the writing end and headphone jack on the other. Designed to read 'Sonic Fabric,' a material made from analog audio tape woven with cotton.

Mini MintyMP3
Spring 2005
(image soon)

MiniPOV 2
Winter 2005

A little persistence-of-vision toy: when waved in the air, the LEDs 'write' out an image or message. In particular, MiniPOV was designed with the intention that it would be sold as an inexpensive kit for people to play with microcontrollers and LEDs.

For more information, visit the MiniPOV webpage.

Winter 2005

A "Nintendo Gameboy" sized toy, designed around a pirate NES chip with onboard games. A 2.5" color screen and original NES controller were wired up to create a portable NES with approximately 50 popular games built in and 6+ hour runtime on 4 AA batteries.

For more information, visit the Gamegrrl webpage.

2004 - 2005

An 'otaku' clone of the famous Roland TB-303 synthesizer. This project is a full reproduction, complete with on-board sequencer as well as MIDI support. The project is completely open source and available as a kit.

For more information, visit the x0xb0x webpage.

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