Portfolio 2004
Minty Mp3
Winter 2004

An mp3 player housed in a common breath-mint tin. Storage is off-the-shelf compact flash cards (up to 1G), just copy files over using a CF card reader, or use the USB plug to transfer files over using the custom software. 10-hour play time lithium ion battery, recharges when you plug in USB.

For more information, see the MintyMP3 webpage.


Wave Bubble
Spring 2004

A low power cell/RF jammer.

"In a high population density city, inhabitants must be prepared to defend their own personal space. Technologies that increase personal productivity are on the rise, even though they may intrude on others. The unavoidable reaction is to create technologies that counteract other people's devices. Wave Bubble is a product that counters the all-too-familiar annoyance of loud ring tones and overt cell-phone conversations in public.

Part of the "Social Defense Mechanisms" projects designed for my MEng thesis.

This project is now available with detailed documentation

Media-Sensitive Sunglasses
Fall 2004

The Media-Sensitive Glasses are a pair of eyeglasses that, when worn, detect when the wearer is watching television and subsequently darken, so as to 'protect' the wearer from teleevision's 'hypnotic effect. The glasses are intended to be part of a therapy system for people who find themselves surrounded by televisions on a day-to-day basis and find it difficult to look away from a television set even if they are not enjoying the viewing experience.

Part of the "Social Defense Mechanisms" projects designed for my MEng thesis.


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